Speed Up Your Windows PC With
"My PC Mechanic"

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Why My PC Mechanic
is loved by millions?

My PC Mechanic is a state of the art technology. It was coded by industry experts with a combined industry experience of 32 years. Designed and tested with utmost care to keep your PCs running smooth, fast and error-free.



My PC Mechanic is all you need for your system. It improves the performance of your system to an unexceptional level. Manage all your system issues with this all-in-one utility.


Registry Cleanup

Fix corrupt & invalid registry entries to improve performance & system response time.


Add-On Remover

A small yet powerful adware cleaner for hassle-free surfing.


Startup Manager

View and manage startup items to improve boot time & overall system performance.


Benefits of Using My PC Mechanic

With My PC Mechanic, you can rest assured about taking care of any issue that may arise in your computer. It takes care of all your PC needs and keeps it optimized at all times. Its various benefits are:


Scan & Repair

Lightning fast registry Scan & Fix mechanism keeps your PC error-free & running smoothly.


System Startups

View & manage system startups to reduce boot time & improve system response time.


Protected Always

Silent yet a very powerful built-in adware & browser cleaner for safe & error-free surfing.


24/7 Support

Free Lifetime product support. Mail us at support@thesupportmasters.com for any queries.

Best Utility to Fix All Your PC Issues and Boost Its Performance

Several issues can arise in a Windows PC. Problems such as slow PC, delay in system startup, etc. can affect the user experience. My PC Mechanic takes care of all such issues. It is the perfect partner for your Windows system. You never have to worry about a slow PC again!

By clicking "Download Now", I agree to Site
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Feel Free to Contact Us Anytime

If you have any queries regarding the software or want to give us any suggestions or feedback, you are most welcome. Write to us at support@thesupportmasters.com and we will get back to you shortly.